Welcome to R n' Bees!

What's been happening?

Yes! R & B's has opened again! We quietly opened the gates and dipped a toe in the water, selling Boysenberries, Rewarewa Honey, Sweetcorn and a few other bits and bobs!

We had a fantastic 2013/14 honey harvest. Our summer honey crop has been extracted and in the shop! This is a bush blend honey, with Kanuka, Manuka, Blackberry and Clover all in the mix.

What's coming up?

Over winter we are replanting the front half of the block. We will add some new varieties of Boysenberries, and get the Strawberries planted. We have salvaged about 60 plants of original Manktelow Strawberries that were growing wild on the property -- and we are propgating from these to keep that legendary taste alive!

As we head towards Summer we will plant another Sweetcorn crop -- this last crop was a great success, we're proud to have sold a heap of tasty corn at great prices to the Whakatane area!

Keep an eye on our facebook feed for all the latest! And thanks for dropping by!